January 2016

Mad About Mid Century Modern FigureFor those of you who can’t afford to hire a top flight interior decorator like myself it is still possible to create a stylish mid century pad by using my tips to sort the wheat from the chaff on that well known auction site, “Ebay”. Let’s take a look, shall we?



Orange Lounge Chair £395
Wouldn’t Don look adorable waxing lyrical in this?

Mid Century Modern Orange Lounge Chair

Upcycled Mid Century Sideboard £295
I know the purists won’t approve of this but I’ve never been known for my purity…life’s too short.

Upcycled Mid Century Modern Chest

Mid Century Style New Sofa
Turns out there are brand new items on this “ebay” shop… who knew? Super sofa!

Mid Century Style New Sofa £1295

Danish Refurbished Mid Century Sofa £2275
Or here is the real Danish deal, beautifully re-upholstered.

Danish Mid Century Sofa

Print of a 1950s Italian Poster £4.95
This ebay shop has a number of cool prints for under £5. What more can I say?

Print of 1950s Poster

Cheese Dish £10.46
Nothing cheesy about this.

Cheese Dish

G Plan Fresco Console Table £325
So usable. Even in a poky little flat.

G Plan Fresco Console Table