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Le Corbusier may say sofas are bourgeois but I’m darned if I’ll spend my evenings sitting on an upright chair. I need to stretch out after a hard day’s shopping. Anyway, having spent today shopping for the perfect bourgeois sofa at non-bourgeois prices, here are the treasures I uncovered…

Jefferson Sofa, Swoon Editions, £729

Mid Century flare with a modern twist; this is strong and manly but with lovely tapering legs. It’s the details that count.

Jefferson Sofa 1

Jonah Sofa,, £549

Sculptural design from a rising star, James Harrison, for At £499 this is affordable and will fit well in the smaller home. Wasn’t this the idea of modernist mass-produced furniture, after all?

Jonah Sofa

Florence Knoll, Zazous, £899

Florence modestly called her own designs the “meat and potatoes” of the Knoll empire. This is the most glamorous interpretation of that dish you’ll ever find. Again, at this price for this convincing replica, you can afford a bit of glamour.

florence knoll sofa white

Abel Velvet Sofa, Habitat, £1300

For those who covet the mid century style but like something to envelop us when we curl up on the sofa. Decadent is the word.

Abel sage green velvet sofa

LC2, Zazous, £569.99

Le Corbusier described chairs as architecture and dismissed the harmless sofa as bourgeois. But here is a reproduction of a sofa designed by Le Corbusier and it looks very stylish. At this price it isn’t very bourgeois either.

Le Corbusier LC2 3 seater tan

Rufus,, £599

Sometimes a sofa can make your heart sing. Mine is humming a very happy tune. I think I’ll invite Martha over to show it off.

Rufus Sofa Mustard yellow

Fredrik, Swoon Editions, £1,199

Not one for the sticklers; this is more of a modern interpretation. That’s progress, kids. The Modernists would approve I’m sure.

Fredrik SOfa

Night and Day Sleeper Sofabed, Urban Outfitters, £750

Nice to see a bit of colour for a change. Betty would have loved this one. Don would have sat on the leather armchair.

Night and Day Sleeper Sofa Bed

Newman, Habitat, £2,800

A timeless design that will please all the husbands out there. Reminds me of a talk show sofa from the ’60s. Maybe Paul would have sat on it. Newman that is.

Newman leather sofa

Mimi Sofa, Swoon Editions, £499

Curvy and fun. Love the accent colour in the buttons. Mimi looks like she knows how to enjoy herself.

Mimi Sofa
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