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Much as I love the Jet Age I have never been a fan of transatlantic flights. Walter would never stump up for first class tickets, let alone Concorde. But I have now found some solace. When you step off the plane from London to New York (and your body is telling you it is the wee small hours when, in fact, the cocktail hour has only just begun) this is the answer. Instead of battling with taxis and heading for Manhattan, relax and unwind for the night at this wonderful place! This is the original JFK terminal building designed by Eero Saarinen. A sculptural mid century modern masterpiece that will transport you back in time to the era when flying was glamorous.

While away a few hours sipping cocktails and imagine Leonardo sweeping through with a gaggle of air hostesses, (is gaggle the correct collective term would you say? Maybe an ostentation, as for peacocks, would be more appropriate?). The hotel has a rooftop pool with underwater seating and views of the runway. Sounds like a great way to relieve the jetlag. The next day you will be as fresh as a daisy and ready to head to the Big Apple.

On my return I was hankering to capture a taste of this escapist glamour and immediately ordered myself some chairs designed by Eero himself. Obviously Walter wasn’t going to like it if I went for the heftily priced licensed version. I’m sure poor Eero (who died tragically at 51 while undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor) would turn in his grave if he knew what they are asking for them now! Fortunately, there are copies available at Zazous for a much more reasonable price. And wasn’t that supposed to be the point of mass produced furniture; that the masses could actually buy it? Of course, if you prefer to hunt out some originals, retailers like these will be happy to help….

Oh and to see the Tulip Chairs in a fabulous mid century ranch style house in Southern California take a look at our feature on COlman Domingo’s wonderful home.

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