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Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables; Ten of the Best

Noguchi style coffee table

The coffee table is arguably the most quintessential item of mid century modern furniture. The coffee table wasn’t a place for coffee alone; it was a stage for the theatre of life, where the script was written in swirling cigarette smoke, whispering tales of love lost, business gained, and the intoxicating dance between ambition and despair. Although they have been around since the 1700s they were formerly the same height as a dining table. It was the Roaring 20s when the legs became shorter and the table lower. In the USA they became hugely popular in the 1950s along with the introduction of the TV set in family homes. They were low enough to rest drinks and snacks while not obstructing the view of your favourite programme. And of course, coffee mornings in the 1950s weren’t just about the beverage; they were a ritual, a communal act that set the tone for the day. It was a moment to share dreams, discuss plans, and linger over the simple pleasures of a well-brewed cup. Which is why it is important to choose a coffee table that captures that mid century vibe.

1. Noguchi Style Coffee Table

Number one has to be this iconic mid century design by Japanese sculptor, Isamu Noguchi. Given its sculptural appearance, it is remarkable that the table was mass-produced by the furniture manufacturer Herman Miller. Two pivoting and identical wooden forms are arranged inversely to one another with a thick and heavy glass top. Its shape is archetypal Atomic era design, with the almost boomerange design of the legs and the irregular curving triangle of the glass top.

The real deal will set you back around £1,900, from The Conran Shop. But for those with a tighter budget you can buy one that has been inspired by the orginal for just £400 from Zazous.

Being glass and wood this will work with any colour scheme. If you want to recreate the photo aboce, pair it with the white leather Knoll Style Three Seater Sofa for an authentic 50s vibe.

2. Ruben Triple Coffee Table

This striking coffee table used 3 tempered glass table tops in gorgeous mid century colours with a brass frame. It’s a real stunner. Unmistakably retro it’s a statement mid-century piece that would look fabulous with a velvet sofa or maybe this mustard sofa. It is £599.

3. Quilda Vintage Coffee Table

This oak and cane combok is a classic mid century modern styled coffee table. The two tiers provides valuable storage and in oak it will look great in a relaxed living room or a conservatory perhaps. It also looks great with the Quilda Vintage Oak Sideboard to complete the mid century theme.

4. Maricielo Oak & Glass Coffee Table

This is a great alternative to the Noguchi if you prefer an oak leg. Classic mid century styling. Works well with a lighter colour scheme. I think this looks like a very expensive piece so it’s amazing for £350.

5. Iloss Walnut Coffee Table

The Iloss Walnut Coffee Table. The solid walnut combines with the softness of an organic mid century design. The top with chamfered edges and the base inspired by airplane wings create the perfect jet age coffee table.

6. Oki Square Caramel Glass Coffee Table

Mid century can stretch to the 1970s and this just screams Studio 54. Pop the Bee Gees on dance around the shagpile rug! And only £249 for the time travel experience.

7. Magosia Walnut Coffee Table

This is a timeless piece with a mid century flourish. Beautifully made in solid walnut this is a heritage piece you can pass on tot he grandkids. And the price is great for such quality at £350.

8. Heiana Rattan Coffee Table

We are huge fans of the retro rattan trend and this little coffee table looks great indoors or outdoors. It’s a combination of boho and mid century that looks great with 1970s style sofas.

9. Watford Walnut Vintage Coffee Table

A very practical coffee table that allows everyone on the sofa to pop their coffee cups down. And a reasonable price for the size too. oozes mid century modern style and would look great with any retro sofa.¡, particularly one with walnut legs of course.

10. Tancani Amber Marble Coffee Table

A real beauty this. An early take on mid century modern as the marble is very Mies Van de Rohe and the Barcelona Pavilion. Would look great with Barcelona Chair or day bed.

So let’s all toast the coffee table—please raise our cups of hope to the place where we rest our dreams in saucers, and the bitter residue of yesterday’s regrets.

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