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Don’t worry darlings. I’m here to cheer your weary souls on this cold January day.


When Christmas is over and the nights are long we need plush velvet interiors to cosset us. I can think of no better example of the opulent use of rich velvets than “Stephen’s Folly”, Palm Springs. Decorated in 1969 and untinkered with ever since.

Stephen’s Folly, Palm Springs

This lavish home was decorated by its second owner Jack Stephan “plumber to the stars” in 1969 He worked wonders with my plumbing back in the day too. With sixteen different types of wallpaper and fabric blending in perfect harmony from red to orange, and pink to fuchsia, it has the womb-like ambience we crave on these dismal January nights. Not sure it would be quite the thing on a soaring summer day in Palm Springs, but that’s not my problem is it?

And now to warm your cockles…readers I have splendid news for you. Swoon Editions has a sale on their gorgeous velvet sofas.

And just look at this boudoire… bedroom does not do it justice. Not sure what Walter would make of it though.

These lovely velvet bed frames from are a little more low key but still sumptuous.

Don’t stop there. Finish it off with the Julius velvet bedspread also from and you won’t get out of bed till May. January is looking up!

If you decide none of the above fits the bill and you want something totally authentic then please check out the retailers here.

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